In this section it will be seen that there are many exercises, trials and demonstrations. Some were long and some very short but it must be remembered that for every ‘event’ the detachment was required to set-up completely – cabins, antennas, generators and interconnecting cables often with very limited time and in far from ideal conditions.  Also, there was travelling time at either side of the ‘event’. This was sometimes days or even weeks!

From 1968 to the amalgamation in 1976, the Regimental manpower strength was less than 300 and continued to be reduced throughout that period. That said, the number of activities undertaken was exceptional.

Firstly the ‘bread and butter’ tasks of providing rear link communications for operations, exercises, trials and demonstrations. The documented records, on a year by year basis, can be seen by ‘clicking’ on the specific year of interest below:










Another very regular task placed on the communication troops were JOCOMEX. These were exercises with Royal Navy ships.

Joint Communication Exercise – JOCOMEX

It was not all communications taskings and the Regiment was called upon for other duties

Major Non-Communication Tasks

With all the tasks detailed above it is difficult to see how individual trade and military training was achieved but somehow it was. Additionally individual troops and squadrons found space for occasional adventure training.

Several individuals (when time allowed,) also played cricket and rugby for local teams.