Memory ‘Shorts’

1.  December 1971 – British Honduras

1 – 21 December      Ex. DREAMBOAT. UK TSC 500 deployed to BRITISH HONDURAS and worked a satellite link to UK.

The only memories I have on Belize are that we lived in tents on the edge of the sport field, the kit broke down the day after we got there, we spent most of our time out on the Cays or in the ‘Bamboo Bay’ bar and it was a brilliant holiday! Oh yes – the Belican Brewery opened while we were there, just outside the camp (?) and they had an open (free) day to celebrate. And travelling there and back on RAF Hercules (?) cargo planes. Chris Web

2.  June 1971 – Nanyuki, Kenya

17 – 30 June             Ex. FABLE. E21 of E Troop deployed to KENYA to operate a  rear link
from NANYUKI for 1 PWO operating there.

I definitely remember that Tug Wilson was our ED. I remember recreational nights out in the Blue Star bar. I know that it was two exercises in one. We were given time off between them, some went to Mombasa, others (including me) took a landrover to the rift valley, Lake Nakuru with early morning flamingos – a sight never to be forgotten!. A secret lodge tour through the bamboo forests to see the elusive leopards. This was free – the owner was an ex squaddie.
Now remember that I got promoted to Cpl from LCpl during that exercise  Roger Treverton

3.  Belize Ex. CHAPELGATE 1972 Onwards

Picture the scene. The JRC at Airport Camp, after a 7 a side rugby competition. The combatants have retreated to the bar for refreshments. After a few libations a certain Welshman drags me up onto a table and leads me into the following song, sung to the Boating song tune.

My name is Basil,
My friend’s name is Bond,
When we go out together,
They call us Basildon Bond.
For we’re all queers together,
Excuse us while we go upstairs,
For we’re all queers together,
That’s why we go out in pairs.

The sexual life of the camel,
Is stranger than anyone thinks,
At the height of the mating season
He tries to bugger the Sphinx.
But the Sphinx’s posterior sphincter
Is clogged by the sands of the Nile,
Which accounts for the hump on the camel,
And the Sphinx’s inscrutable smile.

The infantry boys didn’t know where to look, I mean who’d have thought the camel wanted to bugger the sphinx?? As for the RAF Regt boys, they just mumbled about their 40mm Bofors, some sort of phallic symbol I suppose.  Tom Haddock

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