The individual ‘memories’ linked below have been submitted by past members of 14th Signal Regiment. Hopefully none will offend or be considered ‘politically-inappropriate’ but may embarrass individuals mentioned – be warned!

Korea – October 1971

British Honduras / Belize – April 1972 Onwards

Ascension Island – May/June 1972

Solomon Islands – August/September 1972

Gibraltar Nov/Dec 1972

The Gambia – April 1973

Turkey – September 1973

Denmark – November 1973

Diego Garcia Jan – Mar 74

Germany – September 1974

Sardinia – June/July 1975

Liaison to Gibraltar – January 1976

Very tongue-in-cheek Gambia Op-Order   In todays’ world maybe a bit un-PC but very interesting!

All the above memories are focused on the overseas exercises. The next is an ‘in-camp’ memory

In-Camp Memory (from Steve Wright)

Some other ‘memories’ have been submitted but are too short to warrant their own page but can be seen by following the link below:

Memory ‘Shorts’

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More ‘Memories’ awaiting inclusion. also more pictures will be added to those ‘memories’ above as good quality copies become available – Orph