Major Non-Communication Tasks

From 1968 through to the amalgamation with 3oth Signal Regiment, the manpower of 14th Signal Regiment was very limited, greatly reducing the occasions that non-communication tasks could be organised.

Manpower Tasks_edited

From the early 1970’s ‘the Troubles’ in Northern Ireland  was a major drain on UK Infantry Units including those who routinely supplied the manpower for the ceremonial duties of The Queens Guard in and around Buckingham Palace. In September 1972 and again in February 1973, the Regiment was tasked with supplying manpower to the Royal Signals Queens Guard.

Queens Guard September 1972

When fire broke out on the Malvern Hills, all available manpower was called in, even those on leave but still in quarters and barracks were rounded up and sent to help.

Freedom Weekends and Signal View were planned well in advance enabling full commitment to be achieved.

The Regimental Records only document fire-fighting in 1976 but several people have confirmed that there was a fire incident on The Malvern Hills in 1975 when manpower was requested and given.


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