In-Camp Memory (from Steve Wright)

I notice there is a lack of HQ Squadron stories, so may I contribute a cracker…the day when the power went off at Norton Barracks…not recorded in the Historical Records or the Wire!

A Shocking Experience

Back in early 1971 myself in HQ Squadron MT and another ED from 3 Sqn, cannot remember his name (a full screw who drove a DKW two stroke car), we attended a Driver Spec (Crane) A2 course with the Royal Engineers at Church Crookham, a great course giving us HGV 2 as well

Jones KL66 #2A Jones KL66 being used elsewhere

The reason for the course was a driver of HQ MT had been operating the Jones KL66 yard crane and dropped a cabin, so questions were asked from above, on our return from the course the RSM thought it would be a good idea to remove a large tree stump, the MT Sgt Terry Coulson (good guy) was summoned

Pointing out the overhead power must be turned off being within 20 feet of the task, RHQ dispatched a young officer to the site and I was ordered to proceed as the power could not be turned off being connected to the “war ready” Comcen, so watched his directions, however he watched the hoist rope not the derrick rope, have a very clear memory today of the cables hitting the ground not the cab, then jumping from the cab at the officer and was pulled off by Terry Coulson

Steve Wright

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