During research into the 14th Signal history, Susan McCahy of the Royal Signals Museum, Blandford, discovered a copy of 14th Signal Regiment Regimental History – Origins to 1976″.

In 1976, at the time of the amalgamation with 30th Signal Regiment. Lt. Col. M J Hales, CO 14th Signal Regiment directed Captain A J Pennington and Captain R J Holmes to produce this  document detailing the origins of 14th Signal Regiment until the amalgamation.

Whilst it is an interesting and absorbing read, there are several errors which have come to light probably due to more time being available to carryout detailed searches of various archives and records, unavailable to the authors who were under time constraints at the time.

A copy of this complete original document has now been transcribed and is made available here –  14 Sig Regt Origins Complete

Detailed History 1968 – 1976

With its roots in long range HF telegraph communications, 14th Signal Regiment was, in 1968,  based in Gloucester.

The Gloucester Years

Initially the role of Force Rear Link was planned to be provided by individual Signal Troops.

Signal Troop Evolution

To change Regimental location and role required a period of transition.


Becoming proficient in the Force Rear Link role, the Regiment was firmly established in Worcester.

The Worcester Years