During the period 1968 to 1976, the Regiment employed 4 different communication station types. the D11/R230, D13/R234, E21/R241 and the TSC 500. Of these, the D11/R230 station and its variants, was a common equipment in all three armed services. The more powerful (big brother) D13/R234 was less common.

The E21/R241 was unique to 14 Signal Regiment although the RAF variant, the TGR1(AT) 26023/1 was in use by 38Gp. RAF.

The two mobile satellite terminals, the TSC 500 were totally unique to 14th Signal Regiment.

These uncommon communication stations  meant that Royal Signals tradesmen joining the Regiment required an intensive period of familiarisation and in many cases specialist courses with other service arms and manufacturers before becoming proficient crew members. In addition, the limited manpower and extensive commitments required that crew members be prepared to operate in other trade roles outside the scope of their own trade training.

Note – When I arrived in the Regiment in 1971, on completion of a 3 year apprenticeship at The Army Apprentice College, Harrogate and being considered as a T2 Terminal Equipment Technician, I was shown around the cabins of E Troop. Of all the equipment that I saw that day, I only recognised 4! The T100R teleprinter, the BID 610, the 10 line magneto exchange and the Tele-L field telephone. A very, very short,steep learning curve began.  – Orph

The Detail

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