D13/R234 Station Specifications


Station Radio D13/R234 x2 (dual diversity) fitted into Cabins Radio, Air Transportable Type B is a medium power HF installation suitable for long distance radio links, primarily for rear link into the DCN system.


Voice : SSB (R3E), ISB (B8E), DSB (A3E), simplex or duplex.
CW:      (A1A).
FST:      (F1A0 (2 channels, using TTVF H5000/5001.
Dual diversity reception using 2 receivers R234.

Frequency Range

D13 – 2.0 MHz to 22 MHz. Tunes to 1KHz integers only and has high stability oscillator (+/- 120Hz)
R234 – 2.1 to 27 Mhz
IF1 – 1-2 MHz variable
IF2 – 100 kHz
Free tuning (effectively with crystal check points at 10 kHz and 100 kHz intervals
AFC to 20 Hz residual.
FST tone – 3.0 kHz.

Transmitter Output Power

CW – 700W
FST – 500W
DSB – 250W

Antennas and Range

Rhombic, sloping V, dipole  – up to 1600+ km.


H5000 (transmit) / H5001 (receive) – 2 channel version
Keying speed – 130 bauds (max)., 100 bauds (optimum)
Channel 3, Mark: 1105 Hz. Space: 1445 Hz
Channel 4, Mark: 1275 Hz,. Space: 1615 Hz.
(Note. Channel numbers are derived from 6 channel version).

Detail taken from Royal Signals Reference Manual, Part 2, Equipment Data – revised 1986.

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