Noteworthy UK Exercises, Demonstrations & Trials

UK 76_edited
Totals –     Exercises 3      Demonstrations 4

EX PLUG IN (22nd – 28th April 1976)
A local communications exercise for D13/R234 and E21/R241 – A & E Troop

DEMONSTRATION (27th – 28th April 1976)
A demonstration for SO in C Conference at Blandford

EX PASHA 7 (5th – 7th May 1976)
D13/R234 – A Troop at RAF Colerne. Capt T R Morgan

DEMONSTRATION (18th – 30th June 1976)
D13/R234 of A Troop at the Aldershot Army Display

DEMONSTRATION (10th July– 2nd August 1976)
D13/R234 of A Troop at the Royal Tournament.

DEMONSTRATION (22nd July 1976)
E21/R241 – E Troop at Blandford for NATO officers demonstration

MOVE (27th September) 1976)
Move to Blandford begins

EX TURNOUT (11th – 15tth October 1976) –
D13/R234 and E21/R241 of A & E Troop on Salisbury Plain. Maj A R Seward

MOVE (26th October 1976)
Move to Blandford completed

AMALGAMATION (1st November 1976)

(4th November 1976)
Amalgamation Parade – Blandford

Overseas Operations & Exercises

Overseas 76_edited
Totals –      Exercises 3

EX DAWN PATROL (2nd – 14th May 1976)
D13/R234 – A Troop in Sardinia. Capt A J Pennington

EX ERRANT KNIGHT (28th July – 29th August 1976)
E21/R241 – E Troop in Antigua. Lt A B Wood

EX TEAMWORK (11th September– 1stOctober 1976)
D13/R234 – A Troop in Steinkjer, Norway. Lt J W Fletcher

EX. TEAMWORK in Norway is shown in the 14th Signal Regiment Historical Records as the last overseas exercise performed by the Regiment but, that is not strictly the full story. There was one later!

EX. SWIFT EDDY to Nanyuki, Kenya; 27/10/76 to 14/12/76 was for an E21/R241 instigated under the auspices of 14th Signal Regiment. However the official Amalgamation with 30th Signal Took place in the middle of the exercise with E21/R241 station going direct to Blandford on return to UK. Thus the exercise report was probably filed with 30th Signal Regiment. The Wire magazine (January 1977) does have a small paragraph under the 30th Signal Regiment banner mentioning the exercise and confirms that it was organised by both 14th and 30th Regiments. – OM


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