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TRIAL (1st – 30th April 1971)
TSC 500 of S Troop carried out a trial in Northern Ireland.

EX. HENNOCK (12th – 22nd April 1971) .
E21/R241 of E Troop set up in Worcester to act as anchor station for the first phase of a two phase communication exercise of D Troop E21/R241 in Dhekelia, Cyprus. A successful week.

DEMONSTRATION (27th – 30th April 1971)
D13 of B Troop carried out a demonstration at Blandford for Div. 1 Staff College students.

DEMONSTRATION (1st – 7th June 1971)
TSC 500 of S Troop deployed to AAC Harrogate for their Open Day and operated a speech circuit for visitors.

EX. PARK DRIVE. (26th – 27th June 1971)
A D13/R234 of B Troop operated as rear link anchor station for this T&AVR exercise

Ex. NEW ENVOY / DEMONSTRATION (5th – 12th July 1971)
The TSC 500 of S Troop was deployed to Aldershot for this annual show and operated speech links to Cyprus and Gan for spectators. Troop was visited by GOC Southern Command and CSO UKLF (Designate).

EX. WOOD / DEMONSTRATION (19th – 27th July 1971)
E21/R234 of D Troop deployed to Blandford for a demonstration to NATO Signal Officers.

Ex. WISTFUL (12th – 22nd August 1971)
A D13/R234 of B Troop acted as anchor station for A Troop in France.

TRIAL (20th -25th August)
B Troop D13/R234 worked to 16 Signal Regiment BAOR in preparation for PM’s visit to Catterick.

DEMONSTRATION (12th – 24th September 1971)
UK TSC 500 of S Troop and a D13/R234 of B Troop deployed to Catterick for the Prime Minister’s visit. The TSC 500 worked to HMS FEARLESS and the D13/R234 to 16 Signal Regiment BAOR. Troops were also visited by SO-in-C, Comd. Trg Bde and CSO STRATCO.

OP. SPACE RACE. (16th – 20th September 1971)
UK TSC 500 of T Troop made a planned deployment to RAF Oakhanger to take over from the static station whilst an elevation motor was repaired. Opportunity was taken for the students of Skynet Training Flight to view the equipment.

TRIAL (25th – 26th September 1971)
Mutual Interference Trial between D13 of A Troop in Worcester and D13 of B Troop in Catterick.

TRIAL (1st – 30th October 1971)
Houchin generator reliability trial carried out by E Troop.

TRIAL (1st – 30th October 1971)
UK TSC 500 of S Troop worked 24 hour shifts to RAF Oakhanger and Cyprus.

TRIAL (4th – 8th October 1971)
Manning Trial carried out by D13 of A Troop working to Cyprus prior to deployment to Gulf.

TRIAL (11th – 15th October 1971)
Interference and Siting Trial of all Squadron equipment at School of Signals, Blandford

TRIAL (21st November 1971)
CSOTP Test of Satellite SK1 by UKTSC 500 of T Troop.

EX. YIELD (22nd – 29th November 1971)
E21/R234 of D Troop worked from Droitwich to Cyprus

TRIAL (1st – 31st January 1972)
D Troop completed trials with a new Initial Contact Station with which the Regiment may be equipped.

TRIAL (13th January – 29th February 1972)
Interoperability trials were carried out by TSC 500 of S Troop who deployed to RAF Oakhanger to work to USA Fort Dix

DEMONSTRATION (5th – 8th February 1972)
D13/R234 of B Troop took part in a demonstration at School of Signals, Blandford, for Staff College students.

OP. DENTON (7th February 1972 – )
T Troop TSC 500 deployed to Northern Ireland.

OP. WATERFRONT (17th – 23th March 1972).
A D13/R234 of B Troop worked from Droitwich to Gibraltar and the E21/R241 of E Troop to DCN Cyprus on a joint communication traffic handling exercise.

Overseas Operations & Exercises

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OP SHEEPSKIN (Continued until 20th September 1971)

EX HENNOCK (12th – 28th April 1971) .
The E21/R241 of D Troop was deployed to Dhekelia Cyprus for a two phase communication exercise to UK. A successful week working to E Troop at Worcester was followed by a similar period to DCN Boddington.

EX. EMILY / TRIAL 24th May – 23rd June 1971)
The UK/TSC 500 of T Troop deployed to BAOR for various communications trials. The equipment was successfully worked with the BRUIN Communication System.

EX. COPPERFIELD. (6th – 27th June 1971)
A D13/R234 of B Troop deployed by road to BAOR with 55 Signal Squadron (V) and worked to DCN Gibraltar.

EX. FABLE (17th June – 18th August 1971)
E21 of E Troop deployed to Kenya to operate a rear link from Nanyuki for 1 PWO operating there carried out communication phases to DCN Mauritius and DCN Cyprus.

EX. UPBUILD. (12th July – 3rd August 1971)
D13 of B Troop deployed to Cyprus and operated a link to DCN Boddington

EX. WISTFUL (4th – 28th August 1971) .
A D13/R234 of A Troop and the E21/R241 of D Troop deployed by road with SHQ to Larzac in South France. The D13/R234 worked to a D13/R234 of B Troop in Worcester and the E21/R241 worked to DCN Cyprus.

OP SHEEPSKIN (20th September 1971)
D11/R230 from Op. SHEEPSKIN in Anguilla was returned to B Troop for disposal

EX. FOCUS LENS II (13th – 21st October 1971) .
D13 of B Troop deployed to Korea via Hong Kong and worked a rear link from Teagu to DCN Hong Kong. Personnel returned by civilian flights leaving the equipment to follow in RAF aircraft.
There is a personal ‘memory’ of this exercise in the Memories section –
Click here to read

EX CHROMATIC (4th – 15th November 1971)
D13/R234 of A Troop deployed to Gibraltar and worked to COMCEN Whitehall.

Ex. DREAMBOAT (1st – 21st December 1971)
S Troop TSC 500 deployed to British Honduras and worked a satellite link to UK. It is believed faulty component reduced communication time.
[Personal comment – This was the first overseas exercise with the TSC 500 remote from any stores support, and although the station, at this time, carried some, the stock was very limited! On return to UK, a spares backup store was put together for all items likely to breakdown. It took 4 months to assemble. How do I know – I was that stores engineer. David Topp, S Troop. July 2018]
Additionally Chris Webb added – “If I remember correctly, it was the Klystron that failed. The replacement was sent through civilian channels. It went via the USA and the American customs impounded it. There was no other spare available so the original manufacturer (Plessey?) had to make one, which took the best part of a month. That was sent via the RAF and after installing it, we communicated for two days and then came home”]

MAT GULF Rear Link (29th November 1971 – )
D13 with OC A Troop and personnel deployed to Sharjah to work as rear link for MAT Gulf to DCN Cyprus. A Troop successfully establish the rear link from Sharjah to Cyprus and assumed operational responsibility from RAF..

EX FOCUS LENS II (6th December 1971)
Equipment of B Troop from Ex. FOCUS LENS II returned to UK.

EX. ICARUS/SUN PIRATE/CONCOMMEX 1/72 (24th January – 24th February 1972)
D13/R234 of B Troop deployed to PUERTO RICO to operate a rear link for Mounting Base of 24 Airportable brigade.

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