Operations, Exercises, Trials and Demonstrations

From the middle of 1968, 645 Signal Troop was exercising in its Force Rear Link role plus supplying test circuits into the Relay Centre Boddington.

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Noteworthy UK Exercises

Ex. SHORT TACK III (3rd June 1968 – 14th June 1968)
This involved two SR D13/R234 detachments of 645 Signal Troop to provide links for a JFHQ exercise located in Penhale Camp, Newquay, Cornwall giving a link into the Relay Centre Boddington and a second link into Malta.

EX. SWAP (13th October 1968 – 30th October 1968)
A combined exercise from RAF Colerne with a D11/R230 link provided by 3 HQ Signal Regiment into the Relay Centre Boddington with a SR D13/R234 of 645 Signal Troop providing a secure link from RAF Colerne to Malta.

EX.SHORT TACK IV (14th January 1969 – 18th January 1969)
A JFHQ exercise, involved two SR D13/R234 detachments of 645 Signal Troop located at Cove, Near Farnborough, Hampshire giving a link into the Relay Centre Boddington and a second link into Malta.

EX. BLUNDER IV 7th February 1969 – 20th February 1969)
February 1969 saw the first exercise of the SR E21/R241 equipment located in Worcester supplying 5 circuits with ED&C, looped at Relay Centre Boddington.

Overseas Operations & Exercises

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EX. CRAYON (25th April 1968 –Mid May 1968 68)
This was a D13/R234 exercise in Libya, North Africa to provide a link to Cyprus. The detachment from 645 Signal Troop comprised 1 Officer, 1 F of S, 1 Sgt, 12 Other Ranks.

EX GEORGE CROSS (Mid May 1968 – 23rd May 1968)
The 645 Signal Troop detachment staged at 235 Signal Squadron, Malta during the return from N. Africa and set up the D13/R234 station to communicate with United Kingdom.

JFHQ located at SKRYDSTRUP Denmark. Communications provided by a D13/R234 of 4 Squadron, 14 Signal Regiment (645 Signal Troop) supplying 1 Secure Telegraph Channel onto BODDINGTON TARE.

OP SHEEPSKIN (21st March 1969 – )
This operation involving the deployment of elements of 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment and some 60 Metropolitan Policemen in the West Indian island of Anguilla which has attempted to separate itself from the federation with the nearby islands of Nevis and St Christopher.

The force was accompanied by an SR D11/R230 detachment of combined 14th (645 Signal Troop) and 30th Signal Regiments personnel, commanded by 2nd Lt J D Ambrose, Royal Signals. The D11/R230 station was set up on the night of Friday 21st March 1969 and communications with Joint Relay Station Nassau were established on 221730Z Mar. Centre-fed dipoles for both antennae were used. Crypto facilities (off-line) were initially established in the transmitter cabin, being later transferred to a 160lb tent provided by 2 Para.

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