In reality 14th Signal Regiment was in existence before 1968 (being formed in 1959) and had been the main Signals regiment for long rang static HF radio and telegraphy in the UK until a period of ‘Rationalisation’ in 1968 transformed it into a unit of mobile HF and satellite stations that operated until amalgamation with 30th Signal Regiment in 1976. It was re-formed in another guise in 1977 with a new title ‘14th Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare)’and moved to BAOR. This web site will focus entirely on the period 1968 to 1976; a very interesting and exciting eight year period.

Original Sign located in 2014 by Steve Birch_editedOriginal sign from camp entrance, Norton Barracks – located in 2014 by Steve Birch

It was a time before personal mobile telephones, satellite communications was in its infancy and multi-channel HF radio was the only competition for land-line long distance communication. 14th Signal Regiment were at the forefront in both military mobile satellite and long distance HF communications. The Regiment regularly provided reliable systems back to the UK from all over the globe.